Les conditions générales de vente


Sébastien Morel
177, le faubourg
88700 Saint-Maurice sur Mortagne

Siret : 4896420580023
RC pro : 56567213
Jeunesse et sport : 08806ED0011

1/ reservation :
Booking a course or stay will be called upon receipt of the completed booking form, general sales conditions, available on the site, dated and signed, and a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the benefit.

2/ regulations internships and holidays :
Full and final price of the course or stay is indicated on the invoice given to the trainee. The balance is payable no later than the beginning of the course or stay. It may be made ​​in cash, by bank transfer or by check payable to Sébastien Morel. Seb-fishing-vosges.fr reserves the right to refuse a student who would have paid the full price of the course or visit.

3/ cancellation :
If your cancellation within 10 days before the start of the course / stay, an amount of 50% of the course or stay will be charged. The absence instead of appointment, or abandonment on probation or stay by the trainee is entitled to any refund. The cancellation of a course / stay on my part will result in a proposal to postpone later dates according to your possibilities and mine.

4/ compris dans les stages/séjour:
In all offered products are included :

- The loan and all the necessary equipment,
- baits,
- the possible transport on fishing.

5/ not included in the course / stay :
In all products offered are not included :

- transit to appointments,
- loan waders, waders, rain gear, polarized sunglasses,
- personal expenses,
- permit to fish,
- personal guarantee repatriation to home,
- accommodation and meals will be paid directly to the provider during the stay.

All-inclusive stay :
the guide services and other providers will be detailed on each estimate, and will be a separate regulation.

6/ insurance :
The trainee is placed under the responsibility of seb-fishing-vosges.fr during and outside fishing trips available, however it is strongly recommended to guard against a liability insurance. Minor students should follow the instructions of their guide referent framing. Seb-fishing-vosges.fr reserves the right to exclude a student with incorrect or violent behavior. Seb-fishing-vosges.fr is insured firm SALA 19, rue du Broustey 33440 Ambares under No. 56567213.

7/ image rights :
The sole purpose to promote, legal guardians of minors trainee accept the use and publication, photos or videos made ​​during the course or stay with seb-fishing-vosges.fr on various communication media seb-fishing-vosges.fr (Website, Social network, brochures, etc.).

8/ modification du déroulement des stages/séjours :
The organization of courses / holidays can be modified to various reasons such as dangerous weather conditions, floods, law or any other event that may affect the safety of students or the quality of courses / holidays. To cope with such situations, seb-fishing-vosges.fr offers no financial consideration an alternative to customers who will be free to decide whether to keep or cancel fees without registration. The above changes will be entitled to any compensation.

9/ réclamation :
Any claim must be a letter with acknowledgment of receipt to seb-fishing-vosges.fr later than a time of 30 days, pass this time no claims will be processed and will be considered barred.




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